“Thank you for sharing your work with me and helping to heal me. Thank you for listening, caring, and transforming my world in ways I only dreamed possible. Thank you for providing me with tools … Thank you for leading by example. Thank you for expecting others to do the same – to live by goodness and truth. Thank you for holding me accountable to myself. It is the biggest and rarest gift, it requires true selflessness … Thank you for helping me shift my view from distraction to focus. From noise to quiet, steady introversion. Thank you for supporting me as I passed through rapids of fear, all the while encouraging me to be honest and light. Thank you for creating space for me to grow. Thank you for making soft ground on which I could begin to plant my feet and stand. Thank you for your humor. Thank you for your awareness. Thank you for being spectacular. Thank you for being a witness and someone that I can trust. Thank you for expecting me to be my best and truest self. Thank you for your brilliance. Thank you for your conviction and your passion … Thank you for helping guide me to myself. To come home to myself and be with the world again. To take pleasure in life and disintegrate fear. I am grateful every day and will continue to be, always.” — G., performance artist

“You make me excited about life. Thanks for teaching in such a cool way.” — J., Sr. SDE

“I just wanted to write to let you know what a positive impact you had on me this year. It was a year of change and you helped me navigate that with healthy thinking. I feel I look at myself and the world with a little bit different perspective. That is growth. You have a direct, honest style that resonated with me. I miss having you to talk with, but it has allowed me to reflect on and apply what we discussed.” — D., Fortune 500 executive

I am profoundly thankful for you.
There are few people that have crossed my path who have had such an impact.
You are a blessed soul.
A warrior woman.
A tender heart.
A highly intelligent professional.
And so much more.
I would be remiss if I did not tell you how thankful I am for you on this of all days.
I am deeply indebted to you for all you have done for me. — L., artist/teacher

“You are so much the reason I have this victory and success today. You have guided me with so much strength and been there for me no matter what through thick and thin. After weaving through the last projects with you, and having you continue to give me sound strong steady advice, regardless of my choices. I can honestly say I have finally been able to make those strong choices for myself today, and I feel their true weight and empowerment. I have been so afraid of my power. I feel so grateful to you and blissful in celebration. There have been so many moments in the past month that I have wanted to waver, and then I remember words you’ve spoken to me, and scenes that have played out, that afterwards we have reflected upon together. These words and reflections have been my constant mantra. When I feel like I have nothing to hold onto, or I just want to take the easy way out and make the choices that I am used to making because it seems safe, the mantra gets louder and I choose it instead of giving my power away. Today I did not waver and I created a new path for myself and discovered a deep layer of myself that I could not have reconnected to without your support, listening, care, time and love. I still have a long ways to go, but it is beautiful to get to stop and celebrate the small victories along the way. This is certainly one of them! Thank you!” — R., artist

“I have a good life, am making friends and love my life. I am happy. The truly rough times are over and when I have a bad day, I remember and implement what you taught me.” — C., web designer

“Thank you for being my rock of gold and light. Thank you for always sharing and for helping me navigate and learn and to stay open both during and after all of these projects and massive life experiences… Your light and the getting to share my [projects] with you, and how much you have navigated steadily with me blew everything else out of the water and into silence. It felt like floating.” — R., non-profit project manager

“My goal and central project in life is to reflect the same immeasurable, eternal, unwavering strength and tall spine that you have so generously and effortlessly provided me….Your voice is so clear. You’ve never once let me down. Thank you for sharing your courage, bravery, and effort and will. It’s so inspiring. I have never had a person believe in me and support me the way that you do.” — H., singer, songwriter

“I feel like I’m going to really benefit from [the work] we’ve done in 5, 10, 15 years.” — P., Pre-med student

“No therapist has healed me as fully as you have. I think 99% is professional skill; the rest is something inarticulatable, your own je ne sais quoi.” — H., Interior designer

“I will admit at the time I saw you I was not ready to hear what you were saying… I still have the list of boundaries you asked me to make… I didn’t hear and appreciate your words and guidance while seeing you. But now in hindsight it was incredibly helpful… I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. You were great and I wanted to let you know your words and help did not go unnoticed!” — T., Personal Trainer

“I want to thank you for all the help you have given me thus far. It’s hard to imagine what life was like when I first started coming to see you. I’ve been reflecting and am amazed at how much I’ve learned about myself and how many skills you’ve helped me develop. I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve given. The work you do is a blessing for the people you see, I am truly fortunate to have been one of your [clients]. I look forward to continuing our work in the future.” — M., Firefighter trainee

“Thank you for being such an amazing question-asker and listener with such precise and surgical insight. Also for inspiring me, challenging me, and for calling my bullshit.” — P., Sr. software manager

“I just wanted to thank you for always being there for me. I know you get paid for it, but you truly are a good person and I appreciate you so much.” — K., Sr. account executive

“It feels as if you’re standing next to me, with your arm around my shoulder and you’re saying, ‘Ok, let’s look at it together. Now let’s look at it a little bit closer.’ And after the session, all I remember is your warmth.” — N., Investment banker

“You don’t get paid enough….You are making a difference, one person at a time.” — J., CPA

“You are an extremely compassionate and active listener.  I am better for having known and worked with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” — S, Entrepreneur
“This [EMDR] is my definition of badass.” — M., Seminarian/LMFT candidate
“I feel like I won the therapist lottery.” — M., First instrument, Seattle Symphony
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